Are you lovable?

Are you Lovable?

Charm and personality aside, is it possible for anyone to love you? Husband or wife, father or mother, boyfriend or girlfriend, is any love possible? Your world view will determine how you answer that question.

To be true to Darwinian evolution, an atheist must say no. There is no source or function for love. A physicalist views percieved feelings as a function of evolutionary survival and reproduction. Percieved love is a method of interpreting pherimones, bone structure and the odds of a mate able to produce healthy offspring. You have no control over it and function more like a robot with no free will. A fundamental atheist cannot love their mother, wife or child. We would be fearful of this psychopathic view, if it wasnt taught as fact in university.

Someone with a New Age world view would suggest that everything is love and its all inside of you,you just need to let it flow out of you. Become one with the universe and experience it. Certainly a more pleasant crowd, but if everything is love then nothing is really love. Its quite peculiar and inconsistant that most New Age followers hold the Darwinian evolution view as well.

A dualist, someone who believes we are both body and soul, offer the only hope for love. The soul is free to choose to and who it loves. Without that free will, love could not exist. Thats why it is so precious and longed for, to be chosen, not for your breeding abilities, or because love is mandatory and unavoidable, but because you are unique and someone is attracted to that uniqueness. That my friends is how we need to view each other. Thats how Jesus viewed us. While He healed many people physically, His message was about saving your soul. That part of you that can love others and choose to love Him. You have free will, and He will never violate your right to decide. You must choose.

Are you lovable? I think you are!

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