Unsung Heroes

We have holidays to honor our mothers, fathers and even grandparents, but none to honor the most courageous parent, the mother and father that puts their child up for adoption. In America, not counting foster care, 136,000 mothers and fathers put their babies up for adoption annually. There is a sort of sad stigma attached to birth parents and I believe that is a horrible injustice. We live in a time that abortion has become a right and there are chemicals available to eliminate a pregnancy for any reason, but these women stick it out and give their child a chance instead of taking the easy out. That is something I admire friends.

The reasons to offer up a child are many. Financial conditions, age of the mother, perhaps addictions or even simply bad timing or judgment are often the motivation. The conditions that led to that choice shouldn’t overshadow the priceless gift that these folks have given the child and another family. I cant even imagine how difficult it must be, to go through the whole 9 months of giving life, and allowing someone else the opportunity to give your child a better chance in life. That is incredibly selfless. What a noble end in a complicated situation.

Do those children ever turn out well? Steve Jobs and Dave Thomas did just fine. So did Eleanor Roosevelt, Faith Hill and Nelson Mandela. Want more? How about Leo Tolstoy, Edgar Allen Poe, Nat King Cole, John Hancock and even Bill Clinton and Moses. All had different circumstances, some tragic and complicated, but all were given a chance to succeed.

I don’t know how many birth parents, men and women, will read this, but I want you to know that I admire you for the decision you made. You didn’t take the easy out. You gave your son or daughter a chance for a better life. I hope that Christians will stand up to honor these folks, the unsung heroes.

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