A Funeral for Critical Thought

Today we see many people dancing in the streets, celebrating a world changing victory. They are celebrating a death. A death of critical thought. Reason has been martyred at the hands of feelings. Homosexuals are now free to march to the mosque of their choice and demand that the cleric perform the a wedding ceremony in the name of Allah! Funny, the rule applies to them, but you never hear it that way. Hmmm?  The very people who demand to feel accepted, have mercilessly fought logic and the Christian way of life, and won. Christians feelings don’t count and calling them horrible names is the “in” thing anyway. The LGBT folks really don’t offer the same acceptance that they demand. People weren’t denied love, they wont wake up in the morning in any differently than they woke today. Biology hasn’t changed, the crippling social penalties haven’t changed, statistical and historical facts haven’t changed and the God Christians follow has NOT changed His mind.  It isn’t the homosexual relationship that has changed, its that they can now legally bully Christians into accepting their sin as legitimate. Yes, they’ve won the governments sanction to attack the only people group that don’t want to hurt anyone. Those followers of Jesus that began these United States, gave dissenters the right to speak freely, but now that structure has been outlawed. The people who have a mandate from God to spread the love of God can now be stopped. Sued into silence seems to be the tool of choice.  Homosexuals have judicially found a way to block themselves from learning of a better way, the opportunity to turn back from sin and receive free forgiveness. You see the funeral they are celebrating is the death of that opportunity. We are forced to accept sin as normal. Today the sin is homosexual deviancy, but what will it be tomorrow?  Polygamy? Bestiality? Pedophilia? Sex slaves and human trafficking? Well, why not? Closed minded? The door has been opened to preference rights, so how can one person dictate to another what preference is acceptable? After all, who do you think you are, God? America wouldn’t accept what God said, even if He wrote a book.

Oh friends, even if you are celebrating today, you will soon be trampled under foot by the same monster you let loose. You should have thought this through. Now we are all in a horrible mess because you thought you could force people into accepting you. The LGBT folks that accepted you, have just used you. You weren’t clever, you were just a tool and now you’ve alienated the only people who really do love you. There is no true joy in sin, it never satisfies, and always demands more. All sin is like that, not just sexual. Greed, lust, pride, sin is sin. There is never peace. It will consume you just as it consumed those people on TV. Their anger will never be satisfied, they will demand more. Critical thought will have no place, as the thought police move in.

The only true love that exists is from God. Our sin, all sin, blocks us from receiving that love. We all want to be really loved but we accept such cheap temporal tokens as love and block out the real thing. Friends please reconsider your position. God wants to forgive you and accept you. Its absolutely free and it cant be bought at any price. What you have wont last and you will be alone and bitter. Christians are a whole bunch of very flawed people who accept Gods love on His terms. It isn’t always easy, but its true. We’d sure like you to join us, but I should warn you, we don’t have parades. Smile, and before my legal right to say it is gone, Jesus loves you!

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