Christian Inflexibility

One of the criticisms of Christians today is that they’re rigid and wont change with the times. After all, the rest of society is changing, so why don’t Christian want to keep up?

Its important to realize that the reason Christian world view doesn’t change because our playbook doesn’t change. While societies, cultures and governments have come and gone, the Bible that we base our belief system on hasn’t changed for at least 1800 years. Significantly further back if the Torah and Old testament are considered. Even detractors should find some comfort in our stability.

So what about the latest “modern” societal ideas?

The real danger is in their foundation, they don’t have one. Liberalism and moral relativism that is getting shoved down everyone’s throats these days has no foundational belief at all. Nothing is absolutely true. If I make an error or I behave badly, someone can show me in Holy Scripture where I was wrong and tell me to straighten up. I am accountable to my standard of belief, the Bible.  Moral relativism militantly enforces the policy that there are no absolutes. Absolutely! There is no truth or absolute so nothing can really ever be wrong. The only sin they wont tolerate is offending someone and hurting their feelings.  What’s true for you is true for you and what’s true for me is true for me. You can never say someone else’s version of the truth is wrong. They have no accountability. They can also change what is true for them at any time. If truth is that adjustable, truth is the wrong descriptor. Truth cannot be a “temporary condition” based on opinion. Truth says if you jump off a barn, 100 times out of 100 you are gonna hit the ground. It isn’t based on my opinion or yours. Truth is true because its true, and there is a basis for that truth. When a Christians makes a statement it can be and should be, verified.

Forgive the poor example, but would you be more likely to vote for a Christian or a moral relativist? Even if you disagree with the Christian, you know where she/he stands today and tomorrow. A liberal moral relativist could tell you their stance on all the topics to get you to vote for them and totally do the opposite when elected. What did you expect? What was true for her yesterday isn’t true for her today. You have no basis to criticize, because you knew they had no foundation of truth. Quite a modern picture of our government, isn’t it?

We live in a fast evolving society that is based on never offending anyone but Christians(their feelings don’t count). So they have built a world view on the shifting sands of feelings. Its a world view that’s tough to pin down, other than the fact that you just cant be too liberal. Its like trying to nail Jello to the wall.  Since many folks want to live like wild dogs, to avoid moral conviction they simply become liberals. They’re like a puppy playing in the street, thinking how fun it is and laughing at all the folks trying to save them. We know that wont last  and its going to end badly.

Friends please examine the foundation for your beliefs. Christians learn about yours and liberals find some. The stakes are so high, for yourselves and generations of people around you. Don’t blow it, you don’t get another shot at this. This isn’t a dress rehearsal, this is the real show.  Study hard

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