Reality Check

We avoid reality. It’s too hard to feel the gravity of it, so we busy ourselves by playing church and buying more stuff than we need . Here’s the only unavoidable thing in our future, one day your heart will stop beating and you will be ushered into something that our minds cannot fathom. Barring instant death, we will all be laying somewhere, whether hospital or other, we will all experience the that moment when we know it’s over and the physical part of our journey is over. That moment of transfer, that moment when the human organism no longer lives, that moment where there are no tomorrows, there is only the eternal now. No do-overs, no more chances, what you were gonna do for God and humanity is gone. What you were going to do is a whisper in the wind.

Christians are dualists, we recognize the distinction between the human animal and our eternal soul. If you don’t understand how that works, I highly recommend “The Soul” by JP Moorland. Its a bit heady, but worth your effort . As the human organism ceases, our soul separates and our eyes are opened to realities that have been around us the whole time. God goes from being a theoretical higher power to something that you have to deal with on His terms. From the richest to the poorest, we all have to communicate with Him direct. No lawyers, no Priests or Pastors, and not even your mother can speak for you now. He doesn’t give a crap about the house or cars you had, your church attendance doesn’t matter, and your lame ass excuses aren’t gonna fly with Him. Can you imagine that breathless moment? Perhaps we should be living for that moment, that single instant when all our poser earthly self gratification becomes shame. What are we doing here anyway, why aren’t we living differently from the unsaved? If we believe we have eternity ahead of us and truly understand how temporal and brief our physical time here is, why are we wasting our lives on pure satisfaction for our bodies when we know they aren’t going to last? We can watch the degrading of our bodies right before our eyes, but we don’t get the hint, we just slop on more makeup or join the YMCA to deny what’s happening. Christians don’t focus on those tangibles that Jesus talked about, we focus on what we have, many looking down on others for having less, maybe for not meeting the latest acceptable standard of beauty or eloquence or even their level of earthly education. What benefit are any of those temporal things if we deny our brothers and sisters? To look down on a saved brother or sister may be the height of hypocrisy. You bring nothing to Jesus, certainly no more than the humblest and poorest of His people. Seems like the poorest and weakest delight Jesus more than anyone.

That eternal moment is coming friends. It is very real and inevitable. You will stand before God and give account for your time as the human animal. The descriptions of Heaven and the afterlife are so mind blowing that I can’t even fathom them. I don’t have an imagination wild enough to even get a hint of what’s coming, I just can’t conceive of it.

Conversely friends, if you aren’t saved by Jesus, the horrors of hell are just as hard to conceive. I respect my non-believing friends, but I can’t understand why they would choose that eternity. No where does it say that Hell is a place that you get to hang out with bad cool people and just party and things just have a red tint. That’s man made, more fake stuff to deny reality. The repercussions for clinging to self will are brutal. Self will is an illusion anyway, how much self control is in Hell? You have no choice there. If someone in your past has turned you off to Jesus, I’m sorry. Christians claim to be sinners and rarely will keep you wondering. It isn’t fair to blame God for His students. We’re all in process and some only make the claim to be saved, just posers. Don’t let them control you by taking away your chance for eternity. Think for yourself.

Refocus your eyes on Jesus, brothers and sisters, that moment of separation is coming. No going back to save a friend or family member, its over. No timeouts, and you can’t add more quarters for more time. Like Jesus said as He was experiencing His last moments as His earthly vessel died, “It is finished.” Friends that finished moment is coming for us all too. We will be freed from the shackles of our earthly body and reality, eternal reality begins. I hope you take the time to ponder these things, truly ponder, not just make a silly comment, in your quiet time,  search out understanding. Ask questions of the only guy that knows the answers. Jesus is always awake and waiting for you. Seek Him out and pray hard friends. I’m praying for all of you!


  1. #1 by Kelly on June 12, 2016 - 7:16 pm

    Well said brother Scott! People need to stop living for today and start living for eternity for those are the things that will last. No sitting on the fence! Once again, spot on. Thanks for the message.


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