On a Highway to Hell

“You are not going to be lost when you get to hell. If you are without Christ, you are lost right now. Your trial is already over. You’ve already been sentenced. You’re just waiting for execution morning to roll around”   -Lester Roloff

Good old Lester Roloff, he was a hard rigid man, but he sure nailed that one. Either you’re saved or you aren’t. There is no in between. No kinda saved, or almost good enough. You are doomed to hell. If you haven’t committed your life to the only Savior, you can’t be saved. He won’t pluck you out of an eternal destiny in hell against your will. He’ll do it, He paid the price for you, but you decide.

It reminds me of the Tom Hanks movie “Cast Away”. His character was either rescued or not. He could do all the right things, be nice to baby kittens and not be Adolph Hitler, but he couldn’t save himself. He only had the power of choice. Eventually he had to make the decision to let someone else save him. His raft wasn’t going to get him there. If he stayed where he was, he was going to be lost forever.

Being lost on such a beautiful island doesn’t seem that bad. If there had been a part two, I’m quite certain that a Kate Upton in a bikini would have also landed on his island. With beer in ice chests, of course. That always happens, you know! But for us friends, it just doesn’t work that way. It’s either eternity with God or without Him, heaven or hell.

Don’t fall for the latest denial about hell either. There are no fun people there. No sex, drugs, rock and roll or bikini’s. Gods Word says there’s burning flesh, tough to look good or have fun with that going on. Gnashing of teeth won’t give you much opportunity to communicate with the other lost folks either. The screaming and wailing of pain will be amplified by knowing that it didn’t have to be this way. That hour that you spent listening to boring music on Sunday mornings at church didn’t save you. Getting baptized and all those other rituals didn’t save you. Jesus could have saved you. Jesus paid a huge price for that ability, not just so we could wear “Cross jewelry”. He even chose a special people, the Israelites, to bring us the message of just how much He loves us and how He planned to rescue us.

The bottom line is simple, if you aren’t saved, you are lost. No one wants that for you. Satan dangles greed, lust, laziness and entitlement before your eyes to keep you distracted. Get your eyes off the sexy bodies, chrome wheels and latest lure that all the mindless human fishes are following. Don’t be so gullible. Don’t choose to stay lost for all of eternity.

You can do this right now. Surrender your will to your Creator and Savior. Jesus has the power and desire to save you right now. All you have to do is ask and commit your life to him. You don’t have to have all the answers or even understand it all. It starts as a child like faith and snowballs from there. God will eventually answer all your questions and bring people into your life to help it all make sense. It’s quite a journey. Like Confucius said, a journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step. Take that step with Jesus. Being lost is no way to live. Pray hard friends!

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