Election Day

Today is an election day and I hope everyone chose to vote.

In a representative republic we don’t actually vote on most things, we hire people to do that for us. We do our best to choose people that represent our moral/fiscal values. If you did not and do not vote you have no license to complain. If you did not participate in the process to maintain or change the direction of our society, you must take what has been done and be silent about it. That is what you’ve chose.

I’ve found that one of the peculiar things about getting older is that we can see how much things have changed. Its the same thing that we used to groan about as children when our great uncles and grandparents would tell old stories. The first dozen times the stories were fun, but  they quickly exceeded that figure and we could recite the stories ourselves, word for word!

America has become like the Phoenix that mightily rises out of the flames only to be consumed by those very same flames. We are a country that is based on a Christian foundation of absolutes and human right of self determined pursuit within those boundaries. Now Americans are using that free will offered by those absolutes, to destroy those absolutes that we are founded on. Sort of like going into your basement with a sledge hammer and knocking out your basement walls. That just isn’t going to end well.

Our type of government only works with Christian absolutes and standards. Replace God with no god and you have anarchy, everyone voting to get what THEY want without the good of the whole in mind.  Sound familiar?  Islam has absolutes, but they  always, ALWAYS, assure death and destruction for anything in its path. Ever see a”peaceful civil disobedience” in an Islamic country? You never will. We will all find that out soon enough.

Just as much in error however, are Christians who believe that a political party or candidate will bring our country back to its foundation of absolutes. The ugly reality is that our government is a reflection of the people. Politics don’t change the corrupt heart of the people, it gives them a voice. The key is, if its still possible, is to help the people reconnect with God and the absolute love that Jesus offers. That’s true in every form of government, isn’t it?

Back to getting older. I wonder what stories we’ll have to annoy our grandchildren with. Will they really believe us when we tell them what America was like? How we were able to spend our summers and that we were free to do so many things? Or won’t we even be able to look them in the eye because WE were the generations that allowed our country to eat itself alive and they have nothing but fear and violence for their future. WE let such a great country go to waste because we were busy acquiring so much crap that we can’t even fit it in our homes. WE acquired so much debt to pacify ourselves in our empty godless lives. We were to busy to even vote.

It takes 5 minutes. Vote and pray friends.

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