Choose Life

There are things in life that I thought were so obvious that they would never need discussion. Yet, here I am with a topic that must not be as obvious as previously thought, so read slowly as this may save your life.

When a policeman says” Stop or I’ll shoot,” choose stop!

A policeman doesn’t say that to fake you out, they mean it. You will not outrun the bullets and what have you done that running seems like your best plan? I don’t care what ethnic origin of the officer is, just stop. I don’t care what your ethnic origin is, just stop. There are things in life worth dying for, but this isn’t it. The only people that want you to run is the people who are going to cash in on your bad judgment and they don’t give a crap about you anyway. All they want to do is be seen and prop themselves up like posers who care. They’ll bus hundreds of people in to march for the cameras, but did those leaders care about you the day before? No friends, they just want to cash in on the pain and grieving of your friends and family.

While the media circus goes on, Christians need to pray for those who truly did suffer a loss. They are grieving and deserve to see the love of Jesus through us. Don’t take the bait of division. Show those folks love and make Jesus a better alternative than those who are just using them.

Lets treat our officers with love and respect. Be kind and it will be easier for them to make sound judgment calls. Causing trouble is only going to increase the tension and you will NOT be better off for it.

If you are ever pulled over in an automobile, here are a few tips to keep tensions low. Pull over as far as you safely can to keep everyone out of traffic. Put your car in park, shut it off and put your flashers on. Turn on your dome light  and keep both your hands on the steering wheel. Yes he’ll want to see your license, but digging for your wallet or purse may appear that you’re reaching for a weapon. Wait till the officer gets to your car and asks for you license, then move slowly. Just be polite. The officer has already decided if you’re going to get a ticket anyway, so at this point you can only make it worse. Generally the less you say, the better off you’ll be. Giving you a ticket isn’t the biggest thrill in his/her day either, so don’t make it worse.

No matter what you are or were doing, when the officer says ” stop,”  what are you going to do? That’s right, choose life and stop!

Now reward yourself with some ice cream for your commitment to behave like a good citizen! Enjoy friends!

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