We dont deserve America back

I’ve heard many well meaning preachers and Christians reciting the often overused, incredibly asinine, phrase that professes that we will “Take America back!”

Take it back, how irksome. We are the ones who gave it away and now we are angry with those who stepped in to fill the gap. Americans left God a hundred years ago. Christians left God a hundred years ago. We denied what Scripture said about caring for widows, orphans and the handicapped, and let the government handle it while we were busy acquiring more “stuff” in our selfish pursuit of happiness.. We denied Gods commands to love one another and began coveting one another’s houses, cars, and wives. Our media, newspapers, magazines, TV and internet are dedicated to promoting all the things that King Solomon(Ecclesiastes) warned us was chasing after the wind. We’ve dedicated our lives chasing after useless crap that we cant afford, because we didn’t listen to what God said. Not only didn’t we listen, we flaunt it in front of Gods face. We pray to Him to give us more, more poison that destroyed our families, more stuff to make others envious and keep the covetousness race going. We spend billions in research to make us live longer so we can worship ourselves just a little longer and make our sexual experiences even more pleasurable to ourselves. We did this.

Now we have a government that is a mirror reflection of our greedy, coveting, self worshipping little selves and we cry “foul!” What nerve! Of course American morality is on the decline, Christians are the ones who left the vacuum. Did we think a government like ours could survive without Godly, vigilant, men and women serving those around us? Our founding fathers built this country predicated on  Biblical principals being exercised not eulogized.

So what do we do? Go back to being men and women of God. Serve others not yourself. Intentionally combat the new culture of pride and covetousness with empathy and humility. Read your Bible and learn what separates you from this world. Not just talk about God like He is Santa Claus, but give like you are. Christianity once wasn’t even a blip on a radar screen but it took over the world by truly following Jesus. We will never honor Gods will by huddling together watching Fox news, listening to talk radio or lamenting our government. Our hope is in our Savior and he needs boots on the ground, our boots. Not hiding boots or complaining boots, He needs compassionate, kind, selfless, God honoring boots. That’s how Christianity spread in the first place. Ask any of the disciples how moral the government was for them. It slaughtered them, but they would not, could not, turn back. Are we the people with that resolve? Can we deny cheap materialism and live without the things others have? Can we live FOR something rather than just against something? Homosexuality isn’t our greatest enemy, we are. If we don’t step up and live like Jesus told us, it is a sin on us and many generations to follow. Its our sin and the sin of our parents, not the government, Supreme Court, or any radical left wing group. Not even Islam. When Christians become worldly, the world follows. When Christians worship and honor God, the world follows.

I can say that I’ve made some difficult adjustments and it isn’t always easy. Jesus is my Savior and I will do what He says. It all boils down to this, are we true followers or just social followers? Which are you friend?

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