Are You an Artist?

” He who works with his hands is a laborer,

He who works with his hands and mind is a craftsmen,

He who works with his hands, mind and heart is an artist.”

St Francis of Assisi

In our education focused society, we teach people how to do a lot of things. Whether its a lawyer , doctor, brick layer or truck driver, for a large fee,  you can be taught almost anything. Today, getting a higher education is basically paying a higher fee to purchase the right to have a certain occupation. For $200,000 you can buy a doctor or lawyer job, while $10,000 might only buy you a truck driver or brick layer job and there’s plenty in between, all for a fee. Quite a racket.  Most college professors are protesting against capitalism, but are still cashing in those big checks. Why not, they bought the job that allows them to do it.

St Francis is referring to something that only leaders can teach. They can be teachers, employers, friends or family, but they sure are rare. They are the people you never forget. They have the ability to convey the message of “Why” over “How.” They can show/teach others the passion for a task. If your heart is in your work, conditions don’t matter, money doesn’t matter, there is nothing that can bring you down. Only a true leader can teach passion and it takes passion to be a leader. There is no exception to that statement.

So, what if you aren’t a leader? My friend, you are a leader. Someone is always watching you and you have the ability to set the pace for yourself. Work with an attitude of purpose, regardless of your occupation, and set yourself apart. Don’t give anyone else the power to control your attitude, its yours, you own it, you’re responsible. I can tell you this, if you can control your attitude in a job that you don’t care for, you own the world! If you put your heart in your work, you will not only be happier in every aspect of your life, but you’ll certainly climb the pay scale as well. Hopefully you’ll be bringing plenty of others up with you.

If you are someone who is already in a leadership position and don’t feel you’re getting the results you’d like, reconsider how you’re sharing your passion. Are your people getting training, just pieces of paper to hang on a wall, or are you conveying the message of why we do, what we do? It takes a servant mindset to convey that message. You’ll likely turn to an artisan to find out how to do this. Just because you were able to purchase a nicer occupation than someone else doesn’t make you better, only more fortunate and that should produce humble gratitude, not arrogance.

See friends, it doesn’t really matter whether you’re a leader or not, what matters is your heart condition. Are you an artist or laborer? Are you inspiring other to be artists?  Teaching is easy, but to inspire someone is legendary. You have the power to not only change the lives of those around you, but those who they come in contact with. Now that’s a positive snowball. As for the protesting professors? I guess the world needs small minded laborers too.

Inspire hard friends


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