Why arent we fighting?

Lets suppose that a very bad person was trying to break into your home and hurt your family. This bad person could enter through the front door, back door, patio door, windows and so on. This bad person could also use many tools, such as a pry bar, hammer and once inside this person had many weapons to finish the job and destroy your family. None of your family will escape, perhaps destroyed differently, but they don’t really have a chance for survival. We all worry about that, don’t we? We lock our doors and window latches, perhaps hire someone to help secure our home, and maybe have weapons in our home to defend our family. So the big question is, how far will you go to defend your family?

Before you answer too quickly, let me share this with you.

Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Laziness, Wrath, Envy, and Pride. These are generally considered the Seven Deadly Sins. Not that they are the only sins, but these seem to be at the heart of all sin. Most sin starts here. The ugly truth is that each of us has a special weakness for one of these. Sure, all of us have a bit of all of them in us, but there’s one, a pet one that we justify, one that we savor and won’t let go of, one that controls us and we seem helpless to stop even if we wanted to. You could justify any of them, modern society has gone out of its way to justify all of these, hasn’t it? Haven’t you heard the ads? “We are sexual beings”, “You deserve more”, “Get what you want now”, Work smart not hard”, “Payback is a bitch”, “Get ahead of the Joneses”, and “I’m better than those people”. What a load of crap! We are all playing a dangerous dance with these sins and we think it doesn’t hurt anyone, but it destroys people. Lustful dads, gluttonous dads, greedy dads, lazy dads, vengeful dads, envious dads, and prideful dads, all hurt their families and pass on dysfunction that enslaves generations. No one is ever thankful for that kind of man or woman in their lives. It destroys families. It destroys your family.

So a moment ago, you were ready to fight to the death to defend your family. Are you now? Are you ready to make war to defend them? Or are you going to just make excuses for your weakness, justify the murderer that is skulking around your family. We were all born weak, but we’re talking about defending those you claim to love! Make WAR! Intentionally, deliberately, fight your sin, fight your weakness with passion. Fight it because it is coming after your family! Satan and the modern world are using your weak spot to get to them and don’t you dare let that happen! Put a filter on your computer, give away what makes you prideful, find joy in hard work, stop consuming and start giving, learn to have a forgiving spirit, be grateful for what you have, show gentle kindness, and pray for strength. Practice these things, teach these things to your family and friends so they will be safe too. They are all counting on you, if you don’t keep them safe, who will? Make WAR!!

It isn’t easy you know. Society wont support you. The more you fight, the more filth they will shove in your face. But will you fight?  The big question still remains, how far will you go to defend your family?

Have a worthy passion friends and fight on.

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