Yes its Bad, But all Bad?

There’s no doubt about it, the United States and the rest of the world is becoming an increasingly hostile place to be a Christian. In America, we have a Muslim president (despite his claims) that has aggressively used his position to not only undermine Christian values, but to use Government departments to attack, fine and imprison Believers. Yet he is able to channel billions of our dollars to our enemies, those that slaughter Americans and target Christians throughout the world, without even a mention from our complicit “Free(?)” press. Hundreds of Believers are slaughtered daily throughout the world, to the point that its so common, that it doesn’t even make the news anymore. If it isn’t at least 50 dead, it isn’t newsworthy. Its little wonder that the population of professing Christians is plummeting.

So how can there be any good in that? I don’t think that God is impressed when Believers make up a higher percent of a population or are living an easy life. My observation is this, while our numbers are less, the people who are Christians today are solid. Not that light fluffy stuff or the go to church on Christmas and Easter crowd, but folks who are truly seeking God, not Christian social life. I’ve noticed a change in who Believers are, they are common folks, not flashy or boisterous, but quietly working under the radar, to help people that really need it. They have become people who pray and study. They are imperfect people who put Jesus first. I don’t know how solid Believers have been in our recent past. Many more went to church but I think they had dusty Bibles at home. A Believer doesn’t really have that option anymore. To survive being under attack, you really need to have made a commitment.

Jesus never promised us worldly peace and prosperity, quite the opposite. He promised us alienation, persecution and death. Well, that’s becoming a reality again. I wince a bit to say it, but maybe that’s where God can refine us, maybe it takes heat to refine us and separate us from the population. The Israelites usually got hauled off in bondage when they began to resemble the heathen population, why would we think anything different would happen to us? See, it doesn’t matter what a Judas in a political office does. He can steal from us and support or enemies, but God is using him and his kind to refine us just like the Babylonian kings. Islam is the latest Babylonian ruse to refine us, but they don’t control us. Our strength isn’t in worldly power, force or numbers, its only in Jesus. We recognize that we are weak and need Him, and our weakness makes us strong.

So friends, brothers and sisters, when you hear of wars and rumors of wars, persecution, and our own country and countrymen rejecting us, know that God is watching and it isn’t out of control. God rises up who He will for His purpose, not for our convenience or comfort. Friends, pray for your fellow Believers that they will have strength through the coming trials. Support one another and study Gods word. He hasn’t been wrong yet. We have hope in Jesus, the world needs that too. Be solid, friends

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